Did you know that 1 in 2 homes have mold? If you suspect mold, you probably are right. This is especially true following water damage. If you think you have mold, the first thing you should do is call us right now. We will walk you through the steps needed to remove the mold and how to get the insurance company to pay for everything!

You see...the insurance company won't always pay you enough money to FIX the damages. This is where we step in. We are licensed to represent YOU, the homeowner, and NOT the insurance company. You would hire us to assess the damages caused by the water or mold and we would then compare quotes with the insurance company. TO MAKE SURE they pay you ENOUGH to fix the damages... 


There was a study done by OPEAJ, that on average public adjusters get over 500% more money than the insurance company is willing to pay. Yes you read that right, 500%. Call us if a your home has been affected by water or mold damage and we will take care of you. 


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